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Jason Sutton: 
PGA Teaching Professional from The Dana Rader Golf School, Director Of Instruction at Carmel Country Club in Charlotte, NC, 3-time nominee for the Top 100 Teacher list by Golf Magazine, and host of reviews the "Perfect Release."  

Mike & Mitchell Dobbyn
explain the 
Perfect Release a the 2011 PGA Merchandise Show, Orlando, FL

Martin Du Toit of South Africa, Junior Golf Coach Shows how the Perfect Release can quickly benefit your swing.


What is the Perfect Release for?  
The Perfect Release is a golf swing training aid as well as a speed training tool.  It is mainly for synchronizing the speed of the Arm swing with speed of the Body turn. 


The Perfect Release INSTANTLY trains and relaxes your grip and maintains a square club face throughout the golf swing.

The Perfect Release is like having your own personal golf pro.
  • Consistent proper set position On plane
  • "Lag" is developed automatically which produces a seemingly effortless power.
  • A square clubface is automatic
  • A relaxed grip is automatically trained into your golf swing

Can I hit balls with the Perfect Release?
 Yes, you can hit balls with the Perfect Release.  The specially designed clip is fully adjustable to most golf club shafts.  Use it to hit solid pitches, chips, and full shots.

Can I use the Perfect Release on any Club or Driver?
Yes you can use the Perfect Release with any golf club in your bag.  The choice is yours.

How Can I use the Perfect Release for Chipping?
The most common mistake in chipping is the dreaded “flip of the club” through impact, which causes the inconsistency.  The Perfect Release shows you immediately what flipping the club looks and feels like.  By simply holding off the flip, you will feel what is needed eliminate the flip.  One swing is all it will take, it’s that quick. 

Can Kids use the Perfect Release?  
Yes. The Perfect Release comes with a smaller arm strap for the junior or smaller armed player.  The cord remains the same length.  Simply adjust the tension of the cord by sliding the club up or down the club shaft.  

Does the Cord for the Perfect come in Different tensions?
Yes. The cord comes in Regular tension (green) and Heavy tension (yellow).  Most players need the Regular tension cord.  The Heavy tension cord is more of a reminder to relax the grip.  
The heavy/yellow cord is also a speed training tool.   

What is the difference between the Green and Yellow cords?
The length is the same but the tension is heavier with the yellow cord.  

How do you set the proper tension?
  1. Place the clip about 5 to 6 inches from the club head on a middle iron (5,6,7).  Be sure the clip is inline with the leading edge of the club face.
  2. Place the arm strap on the lead arm (left arm if swinging right handed) snug just above the elbow with the attachment ring down and inline with the V of the thumb and forefinger when gripping the club.
  3. Attach the cord first to the shaft clip and then to the arm strap attachment ring.
  4.  Standing tall; hold the club at your side only with the connected arm/hand and Relax your grip completely.  The club shaft should now be level or parallel to the ground. 
  5. To increase the tension, slide the clip towards the club head. To decrease the tension, slide the clip away from the club head.
Does the Cord need to stay tight the whole time?
The cord should have no slack at the top of the back swing in a basic set position.  The only time you will have to provide more tension is at address.  This tension is a "usable tension" that will train the club throughout the swing.  You will then learn to synchronize your body to the proper motions of the swing.

Why does the club head feel heavier after I disconnect the cord?
The Perfect Release takes the weight of the club out of your hands which allows you to relax your grip.  The more you relax your grip, the heavier the club will feel.  
How is the Perfect Release different than the Heavy Club? 
Now pay attention,  This is very important.
The Perfect Release is a speed training device where the Heavy Club is a strength training device.  After using the Perfect Release, the club will feel heavy.  You will really feel the club head.  Since the tension of the cord provides more club head speed through the release, your body will quickly learn to synchronize with this speed.  Therefore, you will be swinging a heavier club with more speed.  

After using the heavy club, your club will feel lighter.  You will be training for strength and you will not be very sensitive to the feel of the club head.  Therefore, you will be swinging a lighter club with more strength but less speed.  Training for strength is important; however training for speed is more important for shot-making and club head speed. 
Train for both to be at your best.

Who uses the Perfect Release?
Teaching and touring golf professionals from around the world, professional long drivers(Mike Dobbyn, world long drive record holder/Remax long drive world champion for example) high school and college golf teams, juniors and amateurs of any ability use the Perfect Release for training. 

Where do you have distribution? 
We have distribution in the US, Ireland, Italy, Japan, UK, Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain

How can I become a distributor?
Contact Information

If you are interested in becoming a distributor for the Perfect Release, please complete this form and click "Submit" or Contact James Burke at: 1-850-573-9296

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Jason Helman
2010 Ontario & 2011 Canadian PGA Teacher of the Year
explains the Perfect Release.  Learn how to hit Solid Pitch, Chip and full Shots.

Explanation of the Perfect Release

Printable Instructions

Improve Golf Swing with the Perfect Release

Once you have attached the Perfect Release to your club or driver, (according to the instructions) here is a simple drill to get you started:  

1) Hold the club only with the lead arm and hand, (left arm if you are right handed).  With that hand only, relax the grip and maintain a solid alignment between that arm and golf club.  At this point, the club should be parallel to the ground and perpendicular to the target line.  
2) From here begin to slowly rotate the left forearm back to an almost L position in the back swing and then forth to an almost L position in the through swing.  Don’t muscle the club with a strong grip and forearm but follow, and allow the cord to draw the club back and through while you rotate the forearm backward and forward. 
3) Once this motion becomes smooth and controlled with a relaxed grip (we suggest an 8 swing minimum), add the turn through of the hips towards the target, (if it is not happening already.)   You should feel the arm rotate in synch with the hip turn.
4) Feel the timing between the rotation of the arm and the hip turn.  This should be smooth and together (synchronized.)     
5) Remember, if you stop turning the hips, the club will “Flip” over too quickly. 
6) Once you feel this synchronized motion, add the other hand to the club and repeat a few more times.  It should feel extremely smooth. 
7) Now you are ready to take a full swing from address.

After swinging a few times, disconnect the cord and feel the weight of the club head.  It should feel much heavier than before.  This feeling is a result of relaxing the grip. You will now allow the club to do more of the work.  This feel is very difficult to teach.  "Feel what the Pros feel!"
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