"We as teaching pros can put you there, We can show you, We can't teach you what it feels like.  The Perfect Release teaches you what a true golf swing feels like"
-Bruce Fleisher, Winner of the 2001 U.S. Senior Open, and Top 10 all-time money earned on the Champions TOUR
"This training aid will help you learn every aspect of a proper release.  If it is more distance you want or more accuracy you want, use the Perfect Release because you can find them both with this fantastic product."
Martin Hall,
Golf Digest Top 50 teacher

See Martin Hall on the Golf Channel's 12 Nights at the Academy use the Perfect Release: http://www.golfchannel.com/media/12-nights-academy-martin-hall/
“This is the Best Training Aid I have ever seen, Awesome!” 
-Mike Malaska,
2011 PGA of America National Teacher of the Year and Director of Instruction for Jack Nicklaus Golf Academies

"The Perfect Release is absolutely incredible for creating the proper muscle memory needed in the golf swing. It is one of the best training tools I have ever seen."
-Dave Edwards,
Trick Golf Show Maestro/ World Record Holder 

"I’ve never before seen a training aid that can transform a slice swing into a draw swing so quickly. The fact that it is so simple to use is what makes it ingenious.”
 -David Gunas Jr.,  AKA “Barefoot Dave”, PGA professional and contestant on The Golf Channel’s Big Break II & Big Break VII
“I’ve seen them all. While some training aids do have merit, The Perfect Release is the best I’ve experienced because it helps you develop such a sense of feel.” 
-Bill Torza, 
 2007 CT Senior Amateur Champion.
Owner of Torza's Driving Range and Billy Tee's Restaurant 
“I used the Perfect Release for the first time only for about two minutes before my round.  It got me to relax my grip almost immediately. Even on the back nine I still felt how it softened my grip.  I was able to hit great shots by just remembering how awesome it felt.  The results lasted for the entire round and I can’t wait to go out and play another 18.” 
-Ken Hylwa - 8 Handicap
“This device is quite innovative. The golf swing is a blend of many basic mechanics, positions, sequence of movements and timing. The Perfect Release brings all of these elements together into one dynamic, fluid motion.” 
-Erin Menard, Doctor of Physical Therapy

"I've been using Perfect release for Three years now and it's amazing simple concept has enabled me to develop my students games at a faster pace.  Every beginner golfer needs to experience the Perfect Release to gain a simple understanding of the golf swing. Within minutes of using my students have generated the benefits of power, preciseness and consistent performance.  It provides a great understanding for not only the full golf swing; but also develops the short game in a matter of seconds.  The Perfect Release should be in every golf instructors academy and also the perfect gift for any student. It provides check points for the low handicap players therefore it reaches every level of golfer.!!!!!!!!!!!!
Swingmadesimple @perfectrelease.com"
-Lynn McCool,  Director of Golf And Head Professional at the Prestigious Lough Erne Resort In Ireland

 "While using the Perfect Release, I'm able to easily work on the width that I want at the top of my swing, and get my hips working more in sync with the rest of my swing.  The Perfect Release also helps to feel the proper release of the club down the target line.  Having the Perfect Release always available in my bag because it is very portable; I can use it anytime and anywhere.  I am striking the ball much better with my irons and hitting more greens in regulation.  I also notice an instant increase in club-head speed which translates to more distance with each club in my bag, and being a long-drive pro... finding a little more speed in my swing is always nice!" 
- Mike Dobbyn,  Long Drive World Champion & World Record distance holder, 551yds
"I met you guys at the PGA show in Las Vegas.  I am a professional long driver and in my line of work it takes delivering the club at the perfect time with the most speed. I was able to do this with The Perfect Release. Instantly I was hitting the ball more solid with a better ball flight. My swing speed jumped from 140 to 145. I was able to achieve this with less effort and was able to stay on balance easier. I will be training with this device every day."     - Mitchell Dobbyn, Professional Long Driver

"... within two minutes I was able to feel the proper rotation of my forearms. I was able to increase the speed of the club while synchronizing the rotation of my body with the speed of the arm rotation.  It works just like they promote. The feel was that of having a perfect swing. I am absolutely in awe... Every amateur needs this training aid to increase their club speed and to improve their golf game."  
- Ryan Clark, Amateur
“In just a few minutes using the Perfect Release, I was able to fully understand the concept of releasing the club through impact and was immediately able to hit the ball farther and with a draw. It completely eliminated my slice off the tee. It’s truly an amazing device.” 
-Ray Dewitt - 16 Handicap







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Bruce Fleisher with the Perfect Release;
Champions Tour Learning Center on the Golf Channel

Todd Kolb, PGA Teaching Professional;  one of the top golf instructors in the upper Midwest, 2008 Minnesota PGA Teacher of the Year, and in 2007, the only golf professional in South Dakota to achieve certification from the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) in golf fitness training and bio-mechanics.

Susan Choi from the Golf Channel's "Big Break: Ka'anapali"
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