Introducing the hockey training aid that will finally have you feel the shot you have been searching for.

Introducing the hockey training aid that will finally have you feel the shot you have been searching for.

Feel What The Pros Feel

The Perfect Release is a performance tool that guides a shooting players’ upper body through the proper rotational plane, and places the player’s stick into the correct position to transfer the most energy from the body into the puck resulting in much higher velocity shot.

Perfect Release Hockey

The pros make it look so easy.

Where does all that energy come from?

It all starts in the legs with a player shifting their weight from their back foot to the front. That shifting of energy moves through the body. The energy then flows through the rotating upper body. The connection between the rotating body and the puck is the stick, so an efficient stick/body rotation is crucial to not lose any of that built up potential energy. With the correct stick rotation/placement, more energy transfer can be achieved by fully activating the flex of a player's stick. The Perfect Release Training Aid focuses a players’ upper body rotation and creates the proper stick placement to achieve the highest energy transfer ratio resulting in a stronger shot.

Coupled together with the instructional videos with Ian Smith of Kellian Hockey, The Perfect Release Training Aid is an incredible Skill Development tool. Although the Perfect Release can be used on the ice, the best place to use it is off-ice. Setting a player up with a target, a good surface for shooting, and an off-ice puck is ideal. Creating muscle memory is the intent for The Perfect Release Shot Training Aid. With many repetitions, a player can develop the proper technique to get those shots blistering off their stick.

The foundational techniques of the Slap Shot can also be found in every other shot used in hockey. The “Wrist Shot”, the “Snap Shot”, The “Inside Leg Snap Shot” and the “One-Timer Slap Shot” are all based on the same fundamentals that The Perfect Release Shot Training Aid develops. Check out the instructional videos for those shots and see how the Perfect Release can help develop all of your shots!

The Perfect Release Shot Training Aid has been adapted from the patented design of Jim Burke who invented the “Perfect Release Golf Training aid”. The Perfect Release Shot Training Aid promotes correct upper body rotation and organizes a players’ arms into the proper technique execution. When a player’s body mechanics are efficiently sequenced and directed, more energy will be directed into their shot. More energy transfer, high shot speed!

Perfect Release Hockey How it works

How does it Work?

Tension of the flexible cord attached to the lead arm and hockey stick create a connection that immediately and intuitively sequences, synchronizes and stabilizes your body and the hockey stick. The cord pulls the lead arm into a more of a straight position which lowers the stick thus preparing it to load up more potential energy during the windup and follow-through. The band keeps the players’ arms moving together in the same rotational plane directing the body’s energy more efficiently through the entire shot.

The flexible band straightens the lead arm and guides the rotation of the players’ upper body through a single rotating plane. The connection also guides the upper body after the contact with the puck in a full follow through. With the stick lower to the ice during the wind-up/follow through phases, the stick is more apt to collect potential energy when the blade strikes the ice just before striking the puck. The stick flexes, and then releases all that energy during the collision with the puck. When there is more potential energy built up, there is more kinetic energy available to transfer into the shot. The key to a great shot is transferring all that potential energy with as little loss as possible directed into the puck.

The flexible cord puts tension on your lead arm straightening it, prepping your stick to receive potential energy from the contact with the ice during the swing. With the cord as a guide, the Perfect Release leads the upper body rotation with the stick in one plane, directing more energy into the puck. The result of that is:

  • Better Balance
  • More Efficient Swing
  • Higher energy transfer
  • Harder shot
  • Fundamental technique muscle memory
  • Prime adaptability for executing all of the other shots in hockey
  • More goals!